The Series

With up to four decodable books per unit, reinforcing the group of phonemes, children get the much-needed early practise in blending and segmenting. Each level also has a ‘camera book’ which reinforces six of the irregular, high frequency words.

Series one

Mirroring part one of the Toolkit, series one covers the first 29 of the 44 phonemes needed for systematic reading and spelling with Synthetic Phonics. It also covers 36 of the 72 irregular, high frequency words that are needed to progress reading and writing to sentences.

Series two

Mirrors part two of the Toolkit, series two reinforces the many spelling choices for the vowel digraphs: /ee/, /ie/, /oa/, /ay/ and /ue/ and completes the learning of irregular, high frequency words.

In series two, we see children have become more fluent in their decoding, so are able to put into practise both reading and comprehension skills, side-by-side, so whole sentences, capital letters and punctuation are introduced.

Series three

Parallels part three of the Toolkit, the many spelling choices for the last remaining phonemes needed to complete the code: /wr/, /oi/, /ph/, /ow/ /se/, /oul/, /ar/, /ir/, /or/, /air/, /dge/, /tch/, /ci/ and /zh/.

As in series two, series three uses whole sentences, capital letters, punctuation but also introduces some reading with expression skills.