Synthetic Phonics Resources for Teachers

Get Reading Right’s Synthetic Phonics resources for teachers, gives you everything you need to get Synthetic Phonics up and running in your classroom.

Explicit teaching

The Synthetic Phonics Toolkit gives you everything you need to structure and resource your explicit Synthetic Phonics teaching.

Children apply

Alongside the Toolkit, use our magnetic letters; each child identifies the correct letter(s) for a phoneme and, for spelling lessons, can start to form words before handwriting has developed.

Practice – phonics rotational activities

Games and activities from the Toolkit, plus worksheets from the Synthetic Phonics Take Away, Picture This, Martian Reading and peer reading/group with the Practice Books.


The Practice Books and Decodable Stories give children an opportunity to practise the skills you have taught, in real books, during guided reading or phonics rotational activities.

Home learning

Worksheets from the Synthetic Phonics Take Away.


Ensure you have every child on your radar with the assessment from The Synthetic Phonics Toolkit.

Learning support

The Power Pack mirrors the explicit teaching from the mainstream lesson. It intervenes early to ensure every child succeeds in reading and spelling. Additionally supplement your teaching with card games, readers, online games and more!