Magnetic Letters

We produce three sets of Basic Code magnetic letters: Single Sets in NSW Foundation Font and Sassoon Primary Font, as well as a Giant Teacher Set in NSW Foundation Font.

Made by teachers, for teachers:

  • The letters follow the same teaching sequence as the Synthetic Phonics Toolkit – Part One – the 29 graphemes from the basic code
  • They include digraphs – the letters are linked together to help reinforce the logic that sometimes one phoneme can be represented by two letters
  • All the letters are blue (unlike other mixed colour magnetic letters – ‘real’ writing is only ever in one colour!)
  • Made from hard wearing foam; friendly to little fingers and reduces classroom noise!
  • There is an additional letter ‘s’ so children can make plurals
  • There is a tick included in the set so children can put it next to a correctly spelled word
  • The back of the letters are 100% magnetised so the magnets won’t drop off

Why use magnetic letters, Jo-Anne Dooner explains:

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