Getting to Grips with Handwriting Workbook

Synthetic Phonics lessons explicitly teach that the code is reversible; so if you can read something, you can also spell it! Now, Getting to Grips with Handwriting allows you to explicitly teach handwriting and make the connection to spelling. It mirrors The Synthetic Phonics Toolkit – Part 1 order, so as you teach children the phoneme, you can also teach them to form the letter in either NSW Foundation Font or QLD Beginners Font!

  • Simple to complex – track the letter, trace the letter and then independently write the letter
  • Single word writing allows children to put their new handwriting skills into practice
  • 100% decodable, words, captions and sentences
  • Each book comes with a progress chart
  • Available in NSW Foundation Font and QLD Beginners Font

See a sample of the NSW book here.

Order Getting to Grips with Handwriting online.

Please note this workbook may not be photocopied. It is for the use of one child only; you will need to order one copy per child.

If you are a school, you can still order online and have the option of paying later by invoice.

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