The Practice Books

The Practice Books are your precursor to decodable stories. They ensure Synthetic Phonics skills are easy and automatic before moving onto the complexities of a story.

Take a look inside and notice:

Benefits of The Practice books

  • Ensure children are truly decoding – to discourage guessing there are no picture clues
  • Grow confidence in single word reading – no complications of grammar, story and sentences so children can focus on getting one skill mastered first – decoding!
  • Every word is 100% decodable – this reliability gives children lots of confidence as they quickly read their first books by themselves
  • Fidelity – no unknown phonemes will be introduced. If a child has only learned eight phonemes, there is no use presenting the 24th phoneme!
  • The more unusual words are a great opportunity to expand vocabulary and a useful stimulus for discussion
  • Each unit comes with a camera word book, which contain irregular, high frequency words – the look, cover, write, check method of learning is written on every page to help children learn these words by using their visual memory

Why Practice Books before a decodable story?

Think about the leveled guided reading books you use and ask yourself:

  • Does it use phonic code that children have not learned yet?
  • Are children sounding out to read, or simply guessing from the pictures?
  • Are children getting the message that reading is a guessing game and therefore a problem solving activity?
  • What knowledge of basic punctuation is needed?
  • Do children know what to do when they see a full stop, comma, speech marks?
  • Are there irregular, high frequency words (camera words) that children do not know?

See the books in action:

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