Take a Guided Tour of the Books

Every book in every series is:

  • 100% decodable books so your children can read every word, on every page – no disappointment in having to leave out words
  • Loved by children – these fun and colourful, illustrated real books are the perfect size for little hands and young minds
  • Set against fun and energetic illustrations that don’t match the words – ensures your children are reading NOT guessing from a picture!
  • 100% decodable meaning 100% success – children are excited and motivated to complete the next book

Series 1 – Foundation Year

  • Start at word level to grow confidence in single word decoding
  • No picture cues ensures a child is truly decoding

Series 2 – Year 1

  • We cram in as many words using the target phoneme so get maximum practise
  • Children are now ready to progress to captions and sentences which require basic comprehension skills

Series 3 – Year 2

  • Progress to longer sentences and more advanced punctuation; commas, speech marks and exclamation marks
  • Have children reading with expression – speech is included