Advanced Code

Free resources to use with Year One – Part Two – Advanced Code.


Alphabet Freize – Unit 5 A picture for each phoneme from Unit 5 of the Advanced Code. Alphabet Freize - Unit 5
Camera Word Display Large camera words cards to display in your classroom to increase recognition and fluency by getting those tricky words embedded! Camera Word Display
Grapheme Cards 100% decodable word cards from the Advanced Code to display around your classroom. Grapheme Cards
Teacher Display Large colourful word cards from each unit of the Advanced Code. One word per card. Teacher Display
Alternative Spelling Poster – Unit 2 A poster to display whilst you are teaching Unit 2, a nice visual reminder for children about all the ways to spell the /ee/ phoneme. Alternative Spelling Poster


Advanced Code Completion Certificates Print out these certificates to give to your students once they have cracked the Advanced Code. Advanced Code Completion Certificates
Phoneme Frames Helps children pick the correct spelling representation for each phoneme. Try the word with all phonemes and they can see which one looks right. Advanced Code Phoneme Frame
Word List Unit 1 List of word using phonemes from Unit 1 Advanced Code. Word List Unit 1
Advanced Code Sequence What phonemes you are teaching, and in what order you are teaching them. Advanced Code Sequence
Camera Word List Complete list of all camera words from the Advanced Code. Camera Word List


Spring had Sprung Fill in all the leaves with words using each spelling representation. We have also created a blank flower so you can use it for any level within the Advanced Code. Spring had Sprung
Noughts and Crosses The traditional noughts and crosses game with a phonics twist. Noughts and Crosses