The Power Pack in Action

Four children in your class are struggling with blending using the first set of phonemes: s m c t g p a o. Five minutes at the photocopier and, without the need for any additional training, you have all you need to make sure these four children catch up, quickly.

The Power Pack in school

  • Over five days the children will complete five Power Pack activities – included are step by step simple instructions so you can be assured that the Synthetic Phonics principles are followed
  • Simply photocopy and cut out the ready made resources
  • As the children complete each activity they colour an icon on their Power Up Record. By completing five activities at home and five at school they can earn their first superpower – flight!

Download the first unit from part one for free!

The Power Pack at home

  • Each week you send home a support pack which includes: instructions on how to help, an explanation of what children are learning and the ready-made games and activities
  • Just like the in-school support, the at home support requires the child to complete various Power Pack activities to gain a super power. With parent-friendly step by step instructions it means parents can employ the same classroom strategies at home too

Download the first unit from part one for free!

The results

  • 15 minutes extra help a day, at school and again at home, means these children will receive up to two and a half hours extra support – all the difference for those readers experiencing difficulties
  • Boosted self-esteem as children earn superpowers for each reading and spelling success they make. At the end of the program children are awarded with their Power Up Certificate – with their reading and spelling success they are confirmed superheroes!
  • The school is actively aiming for zero-reading failure – the whole class progresses together
  • Parents are involved too – bringing the school and home into active partnership

Instead of waiting until the program is finished our learning support has laminated the weekly flight certificate which got presented to all the Power Packers in assembly this morning. Jake’s face was brilliant; he left the hall carrying his certificate above his head as if it was the FA cup.

Nicky Wake, Castle Primary School, UK