Spelling Checker – Visual Prompter for Spelling

The Spelling Checker is a great visual prompt for spelling. Children simply hear a phoneme and use this aid to then look for the letter or letters to represent it.

A simple, effective way to support spelling in your classroom:

  • Have children slot it in their exercise book, and when it comes to practicing spelling, they can use it as a quick reminder
  • The chart is double sided; one side covers the Basic Code and the other covers the Advanced Code vowel digraphs
  • Ideal to use throughout Foundation and Year One
  • Exercise book size: A5 vertical (21cm x 14.8cm)
  • Fonts Available: Sassoon Primary Font, NSW Foundation Font, Queensland Beginner’s Font

Order the Spelling Checker online

If you are a school, you can still order online and have the option of paying later by invoice.

Alternatively, download our order form here.

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