Picture This! Phonics Card Game

Adhering strictly to the principles of Synthetic Phonics, these 100% decodable word and picture cards are the ideal resource for children to practise decoding for reading and segmenting for spelling. Suitable for two or more children during small group work; as a fun opportunity to apply their phonics knowledge and grow vocabulary!

Reinforce children’s reading and spelling skills by playing a variety of games including:

  • ‘Pairs’ and ‘What’s Missing?’ – two fun games to help develop automaticity with reading
  • ‘Fast Read’ and ‘Snap Hands’ – games which encourage speed to help build fluency
  • ‘Make a Chain’ and ‘Go Fish’ – strategy games to get the children thinking about the phonemes (sounds) in words
  • ‘Picture This!’ and ‘Picture Card Dictation’ – grow children’s vocabulary!

Watch teacher, Alison Clarke, play Memory with Picture This.

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