Synthetic phonics offers the vast majority of young children the best and most direct route to becoming skilled readers and writers. Schools can be confident that their investment in a quality systematic phonics program like Get Reading Right will yield high returns for children.

Mohammed Adra, Deputy Principal, Al Faisal College, Auburn NSW – August 2014

A student unable to read has acquired a disability for life. The direct, explicit and systematic nature of Get Reading Right lessons has helped to ensure our students are given the best possible opportunity to master the essential code-breaking skills required for foundational reading proficiency.

Mary Semaan, K-2 Curriculum Coordinator, Al Faisal College, Auburn NSW – August 2014

I just administered the South Australian spelling test and found that most of my prep children were spelling between 6 months and two years ahead of the expected level for their age.

Jaki Pope-Sitters, Balaclava State School, Queensland

The students enjoy the hands-on activities and have so much more confidence in their literacy learning!

Liselle Moroney, Learning Support Coordinator, St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, Bunbury, WA – May 2014

Our Year Ones and Twos significantly improved in both their spelling and reading, as shown in their end of year standardised test results. Our teachers have found the program extremely practical and successful and are excited to continue using it in 2014.

Liselle Moroney, Learning Support Coordinator, St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, Bunbury, WA – May 2014

One teacher commented that she couldn’t wait to see even bigger gains with the children who will then be in their second year of Get Reading Right teaching.

Liselle Moroney, Learning Support Coordinator, St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, Bunbury, WA – May 2014

Our Kindergarten students can now make words independently, can identify sounds anywhere within a word, and are reading and writing much more challenging words. Our Year 1 children have taken off, and we’re seeing a great improvement in all aspects of literacy.

Kathy Rembiz, Killara Public School , Sydney – 11 April 2014

Great results from my school implementing Kindy program for first time. THANK YOU!

Sara Touchard, Dobroyd Point Public School, Sydney – 10 April 2014

We are doing well at our school and the community nearby is so impressed. I take this opportunity to thank you and your fellow staff for the great help you gave us.

Josephine John, Starehe Children’s Home, Tanzania – 15 January 2014

The children loved the books. They are colourful and targeted, and the children really liked the fact they could read a book by themselves.

Carol Johnston, Woodlands Primary, UK

We have had fabulous success with your program in our school

Deborah Reynolds, Mosman Prep School, Sydney – 22 October 2013

The students are so enthusiastic now they know why words work. They ask can we do that again…. again and again! This applies to both the synthetic phonics activities as well as guided reading.

Tracey Tebbutt, Year 2 Teacher, Woodburn Public School, NSW – June 2013

The structure of Phonics Hero compliments what I am teaching beautifully. Boys and girls are equally motivated and I even had one of our most reluctant readers ask if he could have 5 minutes out of his lunch break to play the Troll Game.

Jacqui Stewart, Kindy Teacher, Hong Kong

Instead of waiting until the program is finished our learning support has laminated the weekly flight certificate which got presented to all the Power Packers in assembly this morning. Jake’s face was brilliant; he left the hall carrying his certificate above his head as if it was the FA cup.

Nicky Wake, Castle Primary School, UK

I already have several Kindy kids writing two sentences and they came in not being able to write more than their names!

Susan Yee, Grays Point Public School, Sydney – 30 June 2013

As an Early Stage 1 and Stage 1 Executive, I am extremely impressed with the format of Get Reading Right. It supports the DEC pedagogical requirements and offers an explicit, systematic method of teaching phonics, leading to enhanced reading and writing skills. Capable kindergarten students quickly learn the phonemes, start blending and write with greater confidence. Those who need more support show steady improvement and achieve measurable success at a faster rate than with other programs we have used. I highly recommend Get Reading Right to all educators.

Susan Yee, Grays Point Public School, NSW – 30 June 2013

I love the way synthetic phonics teaches kids about words and the little light that comes on in their eyes when they use that knowledge.

Suzanne Johnston, Year 1 TeacherWoodburn Public School, NSW – June 2013

The best part is that students are taught to read and spell CVC words straight away when learning the first eight sounds.

Vicki Ilias, Kindergarten Teacher, Grays Point Public School, NSW – February 2013

With the Get Reading Right program everyone is excited; children are excited at their progress, parents are excited by such impressive results, and the teachers are excited about how simple it is to teach. It caters for individual children within the whole class.

Vicki Ilias, Kindergarten Teacher, Grays Point Public School, NSW – February 2013

Our old phonics program focused on the one sound a week method, so the acquisition of reading, writing and spelling skills was slow.

Vicki Ilias, Kindergarten Teacher, Grays Point Public School, Sydney, NSW – February 2013

Students are writing independently by term one – using their sound knowledge to write a sentence. Students are also writing four or more sentences independently by the end of term two.

Vicki Ilias, Kindergarten Teacher, Grays Point Public School, NSW – February 2013

By spending the first few weeks on pre-reading skills I have found that the children pick up Synthetic Phonics much quicker.

Laura Wayne, Castlemeads Primary, UK

I can finally ditch the dreadful spelling list. I’ve always wanted an easy way to individualise my spelling program.

James Mair, Blaxcell Street Public School, Sydney, NSW – May 2012

Get Reading Right employs an explicit way of teaching students to read and spell. The results show that this systematic methodology allows every child’s reading and spelling to thrive

Kevin Weeks, Earlwood Public School, NSW – November 2012

We have had the most wonderful exciting first week using GRR!

Mandy Hodgson, Renaissance College, Hong Kong – 20 September 2012

Synthetic Phonics has meant incredible leaps in our students’ literacy NAPLAN results.

Hani Zahra, Deputy Principal, Blaxcell Street Public School, Sydney, NSW – 2012

The parents are delighted at the improvements in their children. The teachers are motivated and highly engaged in the delivery of a quality teaching and learning program that supports all children in achieving success.

Hani Zahra, Deputy Principal, Blaxcell Street Public School, Sydney, NSW – May 2012

The children quickly became competent readers and writers. Synthetic Phonics really made a huge difference to my classroom.

Elizabeth Smee, Blaxcell Street Public School, Sydney – 16 May 2012

I have used your Practice Books with children from Year 1 upwards who have failed with books they have been given before, and I am thrilled to find they can use their decoding skills to read a whole book independently.

Jean Wilson, Learning Support Teacher, NSW – 8 November 2011

The Guided Reading approach really works and is very easy to implement. I have seen an increase in student engagement and achievement!

Meghan Hugo, St Marys Primary, Brisbane – 3 September 2011

To say that my daughter is excited by your books is an absolute understatement. Your books gave my daughter an incredible start. Now in Year 1 she is streets ahead.

Meg Jenkinson, Parent, Melbourne – 4 April 2011

We have seen that the immediate success children get from the program’s reading and spelling activities, it really enhances children’s willingness to learn.

Tyler James, Hilldown State School, Queensland – 15 June 2010