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Tuning in Display and share childspeak learning intention and success criteria with the class. Review the phoneme recognition and pronunciation from yesterday. Learn with me Display the teacher’s whiteboard with magnetic letters. Remind the children how to pronounce each of the phonemes. Use the magnetic letters to make the word ‘cat’. Sound out each phoneme as you move it into position. Demonstrate how to read the whole word by pointing to each letter and sounding it out, then drag your finger along the word as you blend the phonemes together. Repeat for four or five words from Word List 1. Your turn Show the children the Word and Picture Cards and demonstrate how to play Picture Card Reading. The children then play in groups. Back together Remind the children of the learning intention and success criteria. Play Fast Read displaying a selection of words from Word List 1 for the children to read. Make a note of any children who cannot read at least three words. © Get Reading Right 2011 Target phonemes — s m c t g p a o Lesson 3 of 10 Date: Teacher: What I’m teaching: • Explore and experiment with phonemes, words and text • Link phonemes to letters • Read new words using phonics as the primary approach What we’re learning: • We are learning to blend phonemes together to help us read words How did we do? • We will be able to read at least three words What I need: • Teachers magnetic letter board with magnetic letters s m c t g p a o arranged in a line • Word List 1 (pg 72) • Print one set of Word and Picture Cards, back to back, per group • Picture Card Reading (pg 111) • Fast Read (pg 98) Getting ready: Seat the children on the carpet in a horseshoe (pg 7). Record of children requiring extra support 14 Ideas for extra support Ask a teaching assistant/parent to play Picture Card Reading with any children identified as requiring extra support. Unit 1