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Tuning in Display and share the childspeak learning intention and success criteria with the class. Remind the children of yesterday’s lesson. Practise pronouncing the target phonemes. Learn with me Display the teacher’s whiteboard with magnetic letters. Repeat procedure from yesterday’s ‘learn with me’ session. Check individual children’s pronunciation of the phonemes. Introduce Caterpillar Jumps with you, initially, calling out the phonemes. Play four or five times giving different children turns at being the ‘jumper’. Your turn Continue to play Caterpillar Jumps but this time allow different children to call out the phonemes to jump to. As the child is jumping, the rest of the class can point to the correct phoneme on yesterday’s Individual Fly Swatter sheet. To extend this, higher ability children can write the phonemes on whiteboards with support from the teaching assistant. Back together Review the childspeak target and success criteria. Pronounce a selection of the target phonemes and ask the children to point to the correct letter on their Fly Swatter sheet or write the phoneme on their whiteboards. Repeat for the remaining target phonemes. Record the names of any children who cannot recognise at least six phonemes. © Get Reading Right 2011 Target phonemes — s m c t g p a o Lesson 2 of 10 Date: Teacher: What I’m teaching: • Explore and experiment with phonemes, words and text • Link phonemes to letters What we’re learning: • We are learning to match some phonemes and letters together to help us read and spell words How did we do? • We will be able to recognise and pronounce at least six phonemes What I need: • Teacher’s board with magnetic letters s m c t g p a o arranged in a line • Whole Class Caterpillar Jumps (pg 175-176) with target phonemes displayed on the body pieces • Individual Fly Swatter sheets (from lesson 1) • Caterpillar Jumps (pg 96) Getting ready: Seat the children on the carpet facing the teacher’s board. Seat those children identified as requiring support in previous lesson near the teaching assistant. Record of children requiring extra support 13 Ideas for extra support Ask a teaching assistant/parent to play Caterpillar Jumps with any children identified as requiring extra support. Unit 1