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Tuning in Display and share the childspeak learning intention and success criteria with class. Review the target phonemes. Learn with me Display one of the words from Word List 1. Review with children how to sound out each of the phonemes and then blend them together to read the whole word. Repeat as necessary. Display five words from Word List 1 one-by-one. Do a Fast Read with the class. Ask children to show you thumbs up if they can read all the words. Your turn Select three children to be on your team. Demonstrate how to play Snap. Model appropriate behaviour and strategies to win the game. The children return to tables to play Snap in groups. Ensure that the children read each word before the next card is laid on top of the pile. Back together Review the learning intention and success criteria. Play Trash or Treasure on the teacher’s board. Record names of any children unable to read at least five words. N. B. Trash words count as correct as long as they are sounded out and read properly. © Get Reading Right 2011 Target phonemes — s m c t g p a o Lesson 4 of 10 Date: Teacher: What I’m teaching: • Explore and experiment with phonemes, words and text • Link phonemes to letters • Read new words using phonics as the primary approach What we’re learning: • We are learning to blend phonemes together to help us read words How did we do? • We will be able to read at least five words What I need: • Word List 1 (pg 72) • One set of CVC word Snap Cards per group (pg 165) • Trash or Treasure Word List 1 (pg 80) • Fast Read (pg 98) • Snap (pg 120) • Trash or Treasure (pg 117) Getting ready: Seat the children in a grid (pg 8). Record of children requiring extra support 15 Ideas for extra support Ask a teaching assistant/parent to play Snap with any children identified as requiring extra support. Unit 1