Get Reading Right Teacher Books Sample

The Get Reading Right teaching programme emphasises the importance of synthetic phonics as the number one approach to teaching word recognition for all children, including those with English as an additional language. High-quality planning, teaching and assessment of phonics learning will substantially reduce the number of children who fall below age-related expectations for reading and spelling. In many cases this focus on quality-first teaching will reduce the need for special needs intervention. It is important that vigorous, continuous assessment of children’s phonic progress is carried out on a daily basis so that you can identify those children that require immediate and sustained additional support to close the gap with their peers. You will notice that the programme gives daily advice on how to assess and support children who are experiencing difficulties. A place to record the names of children requiring extra support can be found in every lesson plan along with ideas for remedial teaching. Supporting those children who are experiencing difficulties There are always a few children who, even with differentiated lessons, will need some extra support. Get Reading Right’s Power Pack has been designed to help you interrupt reading and spelling problems at the first sign of difficulties; it gives you the tools for teaching assistants and parents to give the extra support and homework that will make all the difference. Week-by-week instructions and ready made resources mean parents and teaching assistants can employ the same classroom strategies you use with The Synthetic Phonics Toolkit without any extra costly training, or time from you. Simply photocopy The Power Pack units and you have everything you need to give that extra support! © Get Reading Right 2011 140 Assessment