Get Reading Right Teacher Books Sample © Get Reading Right 2011 92 Picture Card Dictation What does this game do?  Reinforces segmenting words into phonemes  Reinforces spelling of camera words  Encourages children to attempt to write more than one word Set up • Print pictures from Word and Picture Cards on A4 card • Children should have mini-whiteboards and marker pens N.B. This game is best played from units 2-6. How to play 1. Show children a picture card. 2. Ask children what they can see in the picture (for example a picture of a cat and ten socks or a child in a cap). 3. Ask the children to help you compose a caption for the picture. 4. Have the children say the caption together with you a few times and then tell their partner. 5. Ask the children to tell you the first word you should write. 6. Ask the children to write the word on their mini-whiteboards. 7. Write the first word on your whiteboard. Children show you their boards. Remind children that we leave spaces between words. Model writing each word and ‘thinking out loud’ as you write. 8. Continue until you have written a caption to match the picture card. Make it harder, make it easier! For more able groups of children, include more difficult camera words in the captions. If children are ready, introduce sentences and model using a capital letter and a full stop. Make it easier by having an adult present to offer encouragement and to point out the tricky parts of the words. You could also differentiate by limiting the number and difficulty of the words in each caption.