Get Reading Right Teacher Books Sample © Get Reading Right 2011 2 How does the Power Pack work? The Power Pack has six units each covering the groups of phonemes that children have been learning at school. Each unit has two parts. The in school support section is designed to be used in school by the Learning Support staff with a group of no more than four children. The home learning section is designed to be used by parents to support their child at home. The Power Pack is written in such a way that no extra training is needed before Learning Support staff and parents can begin supporting children. Both sections contain easy to follow instructions for a variety of different activities and all of the resources needed. Every activity is designed to be repeated so that children become familiar with both the activities and the phonemes taught. As children following the Power Pack have already been identified as having difficulty, this repetition is important so that learning is properly embedded. The units should take about a week to complete, but can be carried over to suit the individual needs of children. It is important that each activity, whether at school or at home, takes no more than 15 minutes. This will ensure that children do not get bored or feel overwhelmed by extra work. Over a week children should complete at least ten sessions, five in school and five at home. As children who experience difficulty can be easily demotivated, the Power Pack also includes a superhero theme, designed to motivate children and give them a goal to work towards. At the start of the program children choose their own superhero certificate, either a male or female, each of which has six superpowers to collect. Introduction