Get Reading Right Teacher Books Sample © Get Reading Right 2011 Target representations - r rr wr Lesson 3 of 5 Date: Teacher: What I’m teaching: • Know the most common ways the phoneme /r/ can be represented • Read simple words by sounding out and blending the phonemes all through the word from left to right • Read sentences with increasing accuracy and fluency What we’re learning: • We are learning to read sentences fluently How did we do? • We can read at least six sentences quickly and easily What I need: • Print unit 1 Sentence and Picture Cards from Resource CD • Enter the Castle (pg 118) • Fast Read (pg 119) Getting ready: Seat children in a horseshoe facing the board. Record of children requiring extra support 20 Ideas for extra support Ask the teaching assistant/parent to play Trick or Treat with those children requiring extra support. Unit 1 Tuning in Display and share childspeak learning intention and success criteria with class. Learn with me Model how you read sentences fluently. You may do this by reading some sentences from the Sentence and Picture Cards. Remind children that the idea is to read the sentences again and again so that they become fluent. Model intonation and expression - some ideas can be found on page 140. Your turn Play Enter the Castle. Remind children that they are to read their sentence fluently if they wish to enter the castle gates. Back together Complete Fast Read with the whole class. Record the names in the box below of any children who are unable to read at least six sentences fluently.