Get Reading Right Teacher Books Sample © Get Reading Right 2011 Target representations - r rr wr Lesson 2 of 5 Date: Teacher: What I’m teaching: • Know the most common ways the phoneme /r/ can be represented • Respond to a grapheme quickly and automatically • Read simple words by sounding out and blending the phonemes all through the word from left to right What we’re learning: • We are learning to match some phonemes and letters together to help us read harder words How did we do? • We can read at least ten new words quickly and automatically What I need: • Word List 1 (pg 90) • Unit 1 Switcheroo Cards • One Boil and Bubble Record Sheet (pg 194 ) per child • Switcheroo (pg 130) • Boil and Bubble (pg 134) Getting ready: Seat children in a grid facing the board. Use the In and Out Differentiation (pg 13) for those children needing to learn extension grapheme-phoneme correspondences. Record of children requiring extra support 19 Ideas for extra support Give the teaching assistant/parent flashcards with target words inserted. The cards should be placed face-down on the table. The children take turns to turn over the cards and read the words. If they read the word they get a counter. The child with the most counters wins. Unit 1 Tuning in Review the three /r/ grapheme-phoneme representations. Practise blending phonemes together to read common words. Display and share the childspeak learning intention and success criteria with the class. Learn with me Write some words from Word List 1 on the board. Demonstrate how to pronounce each phoneme and then blend them together to read each word. Tell children that this is the strategy they will use to read any new or unfamiliar words. Your turn Have children sit in ability groups. Play Switcheroo! Encourage children to challenge each other on the meanings of words to improve vocabulary. Back together Hand out some word cards. Play Boil and Bubble. Record the names in the box below of any children who are unable to read at least six, four phoneme words.