Synthetic Phonics Training

Get Reading Right is one of the leading providers of Synthetic Phonics resources in Australia. Our Synthetic Phonics training will show you how to implement our systematic, Synthetic Phonics resources in your school. Synthetic Phonics is the fastest, most effective way to teach early reading and spelling.

Teachers will learn:

  • What is Synthetic Phonics
  • The theory behind the success of Synthetic Phonics
  • How research supports the use of phonics to teach early reading
  • How to teach Synthetic Phonics
  • Hands-on experience with ready made games and activities to make learning fun
  • How to incorporate Synthetic Phonics into a broader literacy program
  • How to easily surpass the National Curriculum standards for reading and writing
  • Practical workshops to plan and assess

Impact on children:

  • Learn every sound in the English Language
  • Begin to read simple words and phrases from the first week
  • Begin to write immediately
  • Increased confidence and ‘can do’ attitude towards learning

As a result parents will:

  • See huge improvements in their children’s reading and spelling immediately
  • Know and trust that the school is teaching reading and spelling well
  • Learn how to help their children at home

To enquire about training call Jessica on (02) 8003 3885.