Strong Pre-Reading Foundations

Phonological and phonemic awareness are shown to be the biggest indicators of future reading success – ensure that your children have the best pre-reading foundations.

Target Audience:

  • Foundation (kindy/prep/pre-primary) teachers

Teachers will learn:

  • About the research which supports the teaching of pre-reading skills
  • The difference between phonological and phonemic awareness
  • How to explicitly and systematically teach phonological and phonemic awareness
  • How to move from pre-reading to Synthetic Phonics

Impact on children:

  • All children will have strong foundations to become successful readers and spellers

As a result parents will:

  • Know and trust that the school is teaching reading well
  • Be able to support their child at home

By spending the first few weeks on pre-reading skills I have found that the children pick up Synthetic Phonics much quicker.

Laura Wayne, Castlemeads Primary

To enquire about training call Jessica on (02) 8003 3885.