Spelling Professional Development

How do we move children from learning to read words to learning how to spell words? Children need the lifelong tools to spell unknown and difficult words. Join our spelling professional development sessions and learn how to teach spelling so that it is more than just memorisation.

Teachers will learn:

  • Theory of spelling acquisition, including current research
  • How to teach a structured spelling program through an inquiry approach
  • About individualised spelling and differentiation
  • How spelling journals can cater for the needs of all children
  • How to plan, teach and assess spelling

Impact on children:

  • Children will learn spelling strategies to attack unknown words
  • Children enjoy and feel challenged in spelling sessions
  • All children commit words to long-term memory
  • Spelling in context improves dramatically
  • Proofreading of writing becomes evident

As a result parents will:

  • Know how to support their children’s spelling development
  • Feel confident that their children are being taught how to spell and that their teachers know how to help them improve

I can finally ditch the dreadful spelling list. I’ve always wanted an easy way to individualise my spelling program

James Mair, Blaxcell Street Public School, NSW

To enquire about training call Jessica on (02) 8003 3885.