Comprehension Professional Development

Many teachers are actually testing or practising comprehension rather than teaching children explicit strategies to improve comprehension. Join our comprehension professional development sessions and learn how to implement a structured program to improve the comprehension of every child in your school.

Teachers will learn:

  • Theory of comprehension, including current research
  • How to teach 10 explicit comprehension strategies
  • How to incorporate comprehension into a balanced reading program
  • How to plan, teach and assess comprehension

Impact on children:

  • Enjoyment of all reading will rocket!
  • Increased reading standards for all children
  • Explicit use of comprehension strategies to gain meaning from a variety of texts
  • Ability to analyse and discuss texts will improve dramatically

As a result parents will:

  • See their children reading for pleasure
  • See their children’s comprehension improve
  • Understand that their children can begin to be more independent readers

Wow! I actually get ‘how’ to teach comprehension rather than just give it to my class to ‘do’. Thanks for the insight!

Jill Hunter, Bidwill Public School

To enquire about training call Jessica on (02) 8003 3885.