About Get Reading Right

Get Reading Right, by teachers for teachers, produces fun and multi-sensory reading and spelling resources that gets impressive results fast. With Synthetic Phonics at the core of your literacy program you will see the benefits to every child’s reading and writing.

Our vision is in our name!

Using Synthetic Phonics, schools have achieved results that have attracted glowing reviews. But the most important judges are the teachers and the children, who are delighted by the progress. This is especially so amongst the groups that often fall behind and under-perform: second language children, boys and those who are experiencing reading difficulties.

Research by every English language speaking country has shown the fastest and most effective way to teach every child to read and spell is using systematic, explicit phonics – or Synthetic Phonics. In fact, in England the approach is now mandatory in every primary school – the evidence for Synthetic Phonics is that strong.

Synthetic Phonics in schools with Get Reading Right Resources

Get Reading Right was founded in 2005 after conducting a series of phonics trials in four classes from the first year of a school. Two classes were taught using traditional phonics, and two used Synthetic Phonics. After four weeks the trial was called off; those children in the traditional phonics group were just too far behind the Synthetic Phonics group – the school had to implement the use of our resources across the board.

Since those first classes, the team at Get Reading Right has helped set up thousands of schools across the globe and seen this success time and time again. Our resources are in over 500 leading Australian schools, over a thousand schools in the UK and a number of Hong Kong international schools.

In 2013 The Daily Telegraph wrote:

Thousands of primary school students have recorded stunning improvements in literacy after using a cutting-edge phonics-based program… Get Reading Right is creating an educational revolution in classrooms.

Sound Key to Reading in Schools – Daily Telegraph, June 8th 2013