Get Reading Right Teacher Books Sample © Get Reading Right 2022 4 Introduction Welcome to the Fluency Toolkit. We trust that you know the importance of teaching students to read using systematic, synthetic phonics. A systematic, synthetic phonics approach sets out the phoneme/grapheme correspondences (GPCs) to be learned in a predetermined order. Students are expected to then blend these known GPCs to read words. However, it is important that students move from sounding out to automatic reading of these words to make reading decodable and connected text easier. In other words, to become more fluent. Fluency is often described as reading with speed, accuracy and expression. We have also included some interesting ideas for lessons to help students read with expression. Students who read fluently have enough working memory available to remember what they have read and to make meaning from text. If decoding is effortless, comprehension will improve. What will students be reading? The Fluency Toolkit consists of single word reading, phrases and sentence reading. During fluency practice, students will participate in repeated oral reading of words, phrases, and sentences which are first modelled by the teacher. It is recommended that students also be guided to read decodable books in small group sessions. Single Word Reading In single word reading, students are given a page of words that they must learn to automaticity. These lists contain words of known graphemes and camera words. Each list of words corresponds to a set of GPCs and camera words as outlined in the phonics scope and sequence below. The words are in a grid format. All camera words have been shaded grey so that teachers can direct students to read only camera words, or only decodable words, or the entire grid. Phonics Content at a Glance Unit Grapheme Phoneme Correspondences (GPCs) Camera Words 1 s m c t g p a o r l b d f h i u v w y z j n k e ll ss ff zz sh ch th wh ck ng qu x 2 3 4 5 6 the of is do see play was a me says look this to he no what very come are today they going once my she for said give we have I day all like away you