Get Reading Right Teacher Books Sample

Snap © Get Reading Right 2010 20 In School Support What does this game do?  Reinforces phoneme – grapheme correspondences  Reinforces the skill of blending phonemes in order to read  Reinforces automatic recognition of camera words Getting ready: • Cut out the Unit 1 Snap Word Cards included in this pack and shuffle (you will need one set per pair) • Deal the cards so that both children have an equal number and the cards are face down, in a pile How to play: 1. This is played in a very similar way to the card game Snap. The first player turns over one of his / her cards and puts it in the middle of the table. The first player MUST read the word on the card. 2. The next player lays down his / her card and reads the word. 3. If the two words are the same both players try to put their hand on the pile first while shouting ‘Snap’! Whoever puts their hand on the pile first gets the cards. 4. If the two words are different then the players continue to lay their cards in turn. Ensure that each player reads the word on the cards as they put them on the pile. 5. Continue playing until one player has all the cards. N.B. If a child struggles to read the words then help him / her to sound each letter out and then to read the whole word.