Get Reading Right Teacher Books Sample © Get Reading Right 2011 18 What does this game do? D Reinforces phoneme-grapheme correspondences D Reinforces the blending of phonemes to read words Getting ready: XÍ Cut out the Unit 1 Letter Cards from this pack XÍ Spread them out so that you and children can see them. Leave a space between the cards and children XÍ Have Word List 1 ready so that only you can see it How to play: 1. Read one of the words from Word List 1. 2. Ask a child to say the phoneme it begins with (you might need to repeat the word saying it slowly). Don’t let the child struggle; it’s okay if you need to tell him/her the phoneme! Remember you want the beginning phoneme NOT the letter name. 3. Once the child has identified the beginning phoneme ask them to point to the matching letter card. Encourage the child to slide the card away from the other cards and directly in front of them. 4. Say the word again and ask the child to identify the middle phoneme in the word, again help as much as necessary. Slide the matching letter card next to the first letter. 5. Repeat for the last phoneme. 6. When the whole word has been built, point to each letter in the correct order and ask the child to give the phoneme for each letter. Then slide your finger under all the cards and read the whole word together. 7. Put the letter cards back into their original position and repeat for other words from Word List 1. 8. Repeat this procedure for each child in the group, as they gain confidence, children can all make the words at the same time. Word Building In School Support