Get Reading Right Teacher Books Sample

1. Keep a pack of cards with letters on them in the car. 2. Laminate the cards and slip a metal key ring through the corner. This keeps each set together and stops them from getting lost under the seat! 3. Ask your child to flip through the cards and say a phoneme for each letter. 4. Ask your child to spot the letters along the trip. See if the word contains the target phoneme. 5. Ask your child if he / she can think of words that contain each phoneme. 6. Play ‘I Spy!’, for example ‘I spy with my little eye a word that has /s/ in it.’ In the car 1. Any plastic bath toy can be used to teach phonemes. Write letters using permanent marker pen onto rubber ducks and ask your child to say the phoneme as you line them up along the bath. 2. Write letters onto plastic balls. Ask your child to search for them under the bubbles. If your child says the correct phoneme for each letter, he / she can then toss the ball out of the bath into a plastic salad bowl for double points! In the bath 1. Make up two decks of cards. With these decks you can play lots of favourite card games like ‘Go Fish’ and ‘Snap!’. 2. Get a cheap set of plastic skittles. Place a letter card on each skittle with a piece of adhesive. Ask your child to say a phoneme and then try to bowl it over! 3. Get a hold of some scrabble tiles. Put them in a little draw string bag. Take turns to pull out a tile and pronounce the phoneme. Games Learning Phonemes 1. Place lower case magnetic letters on the fridge and move them onto the freezer section when they are known. 2. Try to spot phonemes on packages and containers. Ask your child to say the phoneme as you point to each letter on the cereal box. At home 1. Draw a letter to represent each phoneme on large sheets of paper, then search through magazines to find words that contain target phonemes. Glue them onto or around the large letters. 2. Cook delicious soup and throw in some alphabet noodles. Try separating them on the spoon and say a phoneme to match each noodle. 3. Make cookies or cupcakes and decorate them with letters. 4. Purchase some glitter pens and write rainbow letters. Have your child trace around a letter you have drawn until it looks like a shiny rainbow! 5. Make up a batch of homemade play dough and create letter works of art! 6. Use face paint to write letters and words onto arms and legs. Sticky, yukky and yummy! 22 © Get Reading Right 2011