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Synthetic phonics is an awkward term that has nothing to do with being artificial! The process of reading with synthetic phonics involves breaking words into separate phonemes that can be blended together to read a word. On the other hand, the process of spelling requires children to identify all the phonemes in a word and then to use their knowledge of the alphabetic code to write it. At a glance, synthetic phonics teaches children: 9 That spoken and written words are composed of phonemes 9 How to pronounce all 44 phonemes and how each may be represented 9 To blend phonemes together to read a word 9 To segment words into phonemes to spell 9 To use their phonic knowledge as the primary approach to reading and spelling unknown words Part One of The Synthetic Phonics Toolkit teaches children: 9 The first 31 phonemes of the basic code and how they can be represented 9 To blend phonemes all through a word 9 To segment words into phonemes to spell unknown words 9 To respond to letters and pronounce phonemes quickly and automatically 9 That reading and spelling are reversible processes 9 To read and spell simple words from the very first week 9 To read and spell irregular, high frequency words 9 To work independently and in groups during guided reading © Get Reading Right 2011 1 Introduction