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Learning Camera Words 1. Write camera words onto any chalkboards or surfaces at home that can be seen. 2. Place magnetic letters (lower case only) on the fridge and spell out the camera words. 3. Put camera words on cupboard doors or the top of the bathroom mirror where they will be seen every day. 1. Keep a pack of photo cards in the car 2. Ask your child to read them to you in funny voices. 3. Ask your child to use them in sentences. 1. Any plastic bath toy can be used to teach camera words. Write the words on little rubber ducks, line them up along the bath and read them. 2. Write camera words on little plastic balls and ask your child to go bobbing for them in the bubbles. 3. Lather up an arm or leg with soap and write camera words onto the skin. In the car In the bath 1. If you have a deck of photo cards, you can play many childhood favourites like ‘Go Fish’ and ‘Memory’. You can find some game rules at 2. Lay out the photo cards and play ‘I Spy’. 1. Use mini-whiteboards to practise spelling words. These can be made to look ‘yukky’ by writing BIG, tiny, furry, or spiky letters. These boards make children more confident because mistakes are not seen as permanent as written on paper. 2. Put flour in a baking tray and practise writing the words. This also works well with soapy bubbles in a baking dish. 3. Make cookies that have the camera words etched in using a toothpick. You can also pipe words using chocolate icing onto cupcakes and cookies. 4. Fill a yoghurt pot with water. Give your child different sized paintbrushes and go outside and write ‘water words’ on the walls, driveway, playground or anywhere where the water will dry off easily. 5. Use face paint to write words onto arms, legs and face. Games At home Sticky, yukky and yummy! © Get Reading Right 2011 15