Get Reading Right Teacher Books Sample © Get Reading Right 2011 114 Silly Stories What does this game do?  Reinforces segmenting words into phonemes  Reinforces spelling of camera words  Encourages children to attempt to write with more confidence Set up • Print Picture Cards from Sentence and Picture Cards on Resource CD • Children should have a copy of Silly Stories Sheet (pg 197) How to play 1. Show children a picture card. 2. Ask children what they can see in the picture (for example, a picture of a rabbit riding in a rocket). 3. Ask the children to help you describe what is in the picture. 4. Ask the children to think of a sentence for the picture. 5. Ask the children to write their sentence in the first box. 6. Children should then pass their sheet to another child. 7. Show children the second picture card and repeat steps 1-6. 8. When all five boxes have a sentence then ask the last child to read the Silly Story. Make it harder, make it easier! For more able groups of children, ask them to write more than one sentence. You may also introduce some story elements like, once upon a time and, after that... Make it easier by having an adult present to offer encouragement and to model the target representations. You could also have children work in mixed ability pairs.