Get Reading Right Teacher Books Sample

Camera Word Bingo © Get Reading Right 2011 108 What does this game do?  Reinforces the automatic reading of camera words Set up • Print Camera Word Cards from the Resource CD • Give each child a blank Camera Word Bingo Board (pg 197) How to play 1. Ask children to copy a selection of camera words into the spaces on their Bingo Boards. Each child should be writing different words into the spaces, so each child’s sheet will be unique. 2. Shuffle your deck of Camera Word Cards and call out one word at a time. 3. Children then cover each word that has been called out with a counter or button. As they do so, be sure to have them read the word by sounding out the parts of the word that can be decoded. 4. The first child with a row covered calls out, “Bingo!” Make it harder, make it easier! Make the game harder by asking children to complete an entire board before shouting “Bingo!” Make this game easier by having children sit in pairs or small groups with the teaching assistant.