Get Reading Right Teacher Books Sample © Get Reading Right 2011 Target — VCC CCVC CVCC words Lesson 3 of 10 Date: Teacher: What I’m teaching: • Explore and experiment with phonemes, words and text • Link phonemes to letters • Use phonic knowledge to read 3 and 4 phoneme words What we’re learning: • We are learning to match some phonemes and letters together to help us read and spell harder words How did we do? • We can read at least 6 four phoneme words What I need: • Word List 1 (pg 86) • Unit 1 Fill in the Blank Sentences (pg 104) • One Fab or Fake Word List 1 (pg 93) per pair • Fill in the Blank (pg 107) • Fab or Fake? (pg 131) • Fast Read (pg 110) Getting ready: Seat children in a grid facing the board. Record of children requiring extra support 18 Ideas for extra support Ask teaching assistant / parent to play Fab or Fake with those children requiring extra support. Unit 1 Tuning in Display and share childspeak learning intention and success criteria with class. Learn with me Display first Fill in the Blank sentence on the board. Play Fill in the Blank with the whole class. Repeat with all the sentences from the unit 1 Fill in the Blank Sentences List. Your turn In pairs children play Fab or Fake. Back together Complete a Fast Read with the whole class. Record the names in the box below of any children who are unable to read at least 6 four phoneme words.