The Synthetic Phonics Sequence – Letters and Sounds

The Get Reading Right program follows a synthetic phonics teaching sequence which will take between two to three years to complete. But this it not written in stone; some schools might finish much quicker, some much slower. Remember, it is not how fast you teach the program that is important, but how well your children learn!

There are three parts to the Get Reading Right program, taking children systematically through the 44 phonemes; the Basic, Advanced Code and Complete the Code.

Part 1 – Basic Code

Unit Target Sounds Camera Words
1 s a t p i n m d the, go, to, I, no, he
2 g o c k ck e u r she, be, we, was, me, my
3 h b f ff l ll ss you, are, her, said, all, so
4 j v w x y z zz qu have, little, some, come, were, there
5 VCC / CCVC / CVCC school, when, one, out, do, what
6 sh ch th ng oh, Mr., Mrs, their, people, look

Part 2 – Advanced Code

Unit Target Sounds and Spelling Choices Camera Words
1 ee ea y e looked, called, asked, water, where, who
2 i igh y ie i_e again, thought, any, work, mouse, many
3 o oa ow o_e laughed, because, different, through, eyes, friends
4 a ai ay a_e once, please, very, want, our, give
5 oo ew ue u_e half, house, love, more, saw, two

Part 3 – Complete the Code

Unit Target Sounds and Spelling Choices
1 r rr wr
2 oi oy
3 ph f ff
4 ow ou
5 c ce s se ss
6 u oo oul
7 ar a
8 ir er ear ur or
9 or au aw al ore
10 air ear are ere
11 j dge ge g
12 ch tch tu
13 sh ci ti
14 s si

Download the Letters and Sounds Scope and Sequence.

Are you new to Synthetic Phonics? Here is a three year implementation guide – catch-up all children K-6.