Valentine’s Day Resource: Phoneme Heart Bunting!

Another holiday is upon us, full of giggles and yells of “EW! COOTIES!”. So, in the spirit of love, we’re handing out yet another free resource!

It’s time to brighten up your classroom with this super sweet phoneme love heart bunting. We’ve included all of the graphemes from each unit of the Basic Code. One phoneme per card.

Phonics displays like this bunting, provide the perfect opportunity for a more subtle reminder. While those little eyes are wondering around the room, they’re landing on graphemes


  • Print the Phoneme Heart Bunting Template
  • Cut out and laminate the desired hearts (you may want to start with the phonemes from the unit you are currently teaching only)
  • Punch a hole on the top of each side of the laminated heart, where indicated
  • Cut a piece of string long enough to be hung from one end of your classroom to the other and thread the hearts onto the string at even intervals, adhering them with a piece of sticky tape

NOTE: Some teachers string it across the top of their Interactive Whiteboards or display boards.

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