Camera Word Detectives

Get your magnifying glass out and hunt down those camera words!

Recycling your old newspapers just became a fun camera word game to help your students become confident in recognising their camera words! And another plus, this game also helps show how important camera words are in everyday reading.

All you need is an old newspaper/magazine, a magnifying glass and a highlighter pen.

  • Give children a list of the camera words you are working on
  • Children scan the newspaper and using their detective’s magnifying glass, find the hidden camera words
  • Once they find a word they must highlight it
  • It doesn’t matter that they will be unable to decode or understand the other words on the page; this activity is all about creating camera word recognition
  • It’s as simple as that but it’s great how much children love playing detectives

For a bit more fun, why not time the children and see who can find the most camera words in that time?

To make it harder, do not give children a list. Let them identify the camera words from memory.

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