Spelling Representation Balloons!

Do you need to spice up one of your classroom walls? Well Year 2, we’ve got just the display resource to do it!

Our Spelling Representation Balloons include all of the graphemes from each unit of Complete the Code. One phoneme per card. These balloons, provide the perfect opportunity for more passive absorption of information.


  • Print the Spelling Representation Balloons Template
  • Cut out and laminate the desired balloons (you may want to start with the phonemes from the unit you are currently teaching only)
  • Turn each ballon over and adhere a piece of string or curling ribbon to the bottom

NOTE: You may want to punch a hole at the bottom of each balloon and tie the curling ribbon through it instead.

  • Stick the balloons to the wall in a bundle using Blu-Tack
  • To give the illusion of real floating balloons, tie the ribbons together in a bunch below the balloon display.

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