Spelling Pegs

This simple game gets children using their fingers (awesome for fine motor skills) to spell words to match the pictures!

All you need are some pegs, a marker pen and 100% decodable picture cards (you could use our Picture This! cards).

If you would like to use this game for another part of the code – simply use one of our word lists in the Toolkit and download the pictures from Google!

  • Make your own picture cards or place the Picture This! picture cards in a pile
  • Write the target graphemes on your pegs, remembering to make a few copies of each grapheme so that children can play with many pictures at once
  • Children then pick a picture and find the pegs with the correct graphemes to represent the phoneme
  • They then peg the graphemes onto the picture in the correct order, to spell the word

Happy Pegging!

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