Reading with Expression Cards

Reading with Va-Va-Vooooom

No more monotone! Use this phenomenal resource to get your students reading with expression.

How many times have you told a young reader to read with more expression, only to have the child look at you strangely? We’ve all said that to children with the same result; dull, robotic reading of potentially exciting texts.

Jo-Anne Dooner, co-founder of our program had the same problem, but she found the answer to help children give their reading that va-va-voooooom, designing our Reading with Expression Cards.

“My students had moved on to series 3 of the Practice Books, which had them using their decoding skills to read a sentence with expression. I kept asking myself, how do I teach and assess reading with expression?

One evening while planning for guided reading, I sat and analysed exactly how we read with expression: my dutiful daughter listened to me read and told me what I was doing to make the text more exciting. These strategies formed the basis of our Reading with Expression Cards.

After using the cards a few times the children came up with some strategies too!”

What You Need:

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