Mother’s Day Resource: Mother’s Day Card

What better gift for your students to give to Mum this Mother’s Day, than a card, which shows off his or her fabulous phonics knowledge?


  • Download and print the Mother’s Day Card Template
  • Photocopy one card per child and hand out
  • Write the following colouring instructions on the whiteboard:

/r/ = yellow, /rr/ = blue, /wr/ = orange, /oi/ = red, /oy/= pink, /ph/ = purple, /f/ = blue, /ff/ = orange

  • Instruct the students to read each of the phonemes on the card and colour the picture, following the list on the board
  • Have the students cut around the outside of the card and fold the card in half along the centre line

If you are working on the Basic or Advanced Code, please download a blank copy of our Mother’s Day Card and fill in the phonemes on the flowers accordingly.

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