Halloween – Grapheme Spider Web!

Reinforce your students’ grapheme recognition with this free, quirky Halloween resource!


  • Print Grapheme Spider Web Template
  • Photocopy one spider web and fly word page per child
  • Give each child one spider web and one fly word page

NOTE: You will need to give each child a pair of scissors and a glue stick to complete the activity.

  • Have the children cut out each of the words on the fly word page
  • Instruct the children to read one word at a time, placing it in the correct grapheme section of the web (see example below)
  • If the word placement is correct, stick the word down
  • Give them a few minutes to decorate and colour in their phoneme spider webs. Display the finished work in the classroom as a festive holiday creation

We have included a blank spider web and fly word page for differentiation. Use single graphemes to make the activity easier, and more advanced word patterns to make the activity more difficult.

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