Free Resource: Easter Bingo Game

This game is a fabulous way to reinforce phoneme-grapheme recognition!

Set up

  • Download the Easter Bingo Boards
  • Write on relevant phoneme representations/words from the target unit (sample bingo boards are available in Parts One, Two and Three of Synthetic Phonics Toolkits!)
  • Seat children in groups of six around a table
  • Each child will need a dozen tokens

How to play

  • Give each child an Easter Bingo Board.
  • Say a phoneme/word. Ask children to place a counter on the corresponding grapheme/word.
  • Continue with more phonemes/words until a child covers every Easter egg on his board.
  • The child who covers all the Easter eggs first shouts “Chocolate!”

To make the game harder, play using camera words.

Fun Tip: Give children real chocolate Easter eggs to use as counters on their Easter Bingo Boards!

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