Easter Resource: Phonics Rainbow Worksheet!

Keep those little brains enthralled with some spelling representation practice over Easter!


  • Print the Phonics Rainbow Worksheet
  • Photocopy one rainbow per child and hand out
  • Choose one group of spelling representations to work with (e.g. /ee/ea/y/e/) and have the children write one in each of the clouds provided on the left side of the rainbow
  • To the entire class, slowly dictate one word at a time from the chosen word list, encouraging them to choose the correct spelling representation and write down the word on their rainbow in the correct stripe

NOTE: You may want to give children who are having difficulty a copy of the chosen word list, making it easier for them to choose and copy the correct word.

  • Once they have filled their entire rainbow, give them a few minutes to decorate and colour in their worksheets. Display the finished work in the classroom as a festive holiday creation

To show you just how cute and easy this activity can be, we’ve included a sample for you to look at below: easter egg example

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