Easter Resource: Easter Egg Match

Year 1 and 2 students must use their skills to match spelling representations for the /ee/ phoneme to corresponding pictures!

This activity is designed to be used in pairs. The instructions below are written for one pair. You will need to increase the amount of copies depending on how many pairs you have.


  • Download and print the Easter Egg Match Worksheet
  • If you would like to re-use the resource next year, laminate the worksheet before cutting anything out
  • Following the directions, cut around each Easter egg, as well as through the cracked middle
  • Place each of the pieces into a container

NOTE: An Easter basket makes a lovely substitute for a container.

  • Have the pair lay the pieces out on the floor into two piles – words and pictures
  • Taking turns, each child must recognise the picture on the eggshell e.g. “evil” (witch) and match it to the corresponding spelling representation e.g. “e”
  • This is about teamwork as much as it is phonics, so make sure that the pair are talking to one another and working to find the answer together

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