Easter Hunt Board Game

Happy Easter! We’ve updated this classic game with a phonics twist! It works well as a one on one, or phonics rotation activity.

Set up

  • Download and print the Easter Hunt board game and tokens here.
  • You can use the board with the printed i/ie/i_e/igh/y long vowel graphemes, OR you can choose your own selection of graphemes to write in the eggs on the board.
  • Cut out the player tokens on the third page.
  • Laminate your board game and tokens if you wish to use it as a repeated activity.

How to play

  • Divide the class into pairs or small groups.
  • Each child must put his or her token on the space that says ‘Start’.
  • Take it in turns to roll the dice.
  • Move the token the number of spaces shown on the dice, moving right of the ‘Start’ square.
  • If the child lands on an Easter egg, the child must read the grapheme and correctly pronounce the phoneme featured on the egg out loud, to remain in that place.
  • If the child is able to think of a word that uses the grapheme, they can advance forward by following the bunny feet that are travelling up.
  • If they cannot read the grapheme, they must follow the bunny feet that are travelling down.
  • The child who reaches the ‘finish’ square first, wins.

NOTE:This resource can be used for Kindergarten,Year 1 and Year 2. You can make the game as hard or as easy as you like, depending on the phonemes you choose to include.

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