Complete the Code – DIY Giant Magnetic Letters

We have Sally Hendrick from Warragul North Public School to thank for the inspiration for our DIY Giant Magnetic Letters.

We have finally completed the collection, with a set of letters for Complete the Code! Get excited Year 2 teachers, and get those scissors ready!

You will often demonstrate to your whole class how to blend and segment with magnetic letters, and to do so you need to be working with larger graphemes. This simple four step resource is just what you need.


HINT! Print on coloured paper e.g. blue, to make them brighter.

  • Cut out letters individually and laminate
  • Using a strip of magnetic tape, cut around 40 small 1cm pieces

NOTE: You can buy the tape at your local Officeworks. Or even better, have you been given any useless promotional magnets lately? Save yourself some money and use those instead of the tape!

  • Superglue one or two magnet squares (sometimes more, depending on the size of the graphemes) onto the back of each grapheme

We’d advise making The Basic Code DIY Giant Magnetic Letters and The Advanced Code DIY Giant Magnetic Letters while you’re at it. You’ll need those graphemes to make whole words.

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