Complete the Code Crossword

Practice the Complete the Code phonemes with this quick crossword! It works well as a whole class lesson or as a phonics rotation activity.


  • Download the Complete the Code Crossword
  • Photocopy one sheet per child and hand out
  • Discuss each of the images at the bottom of the page, so that the class is sure of each picture’s corresponding word

NOTE: If you think it is too difficult for the children to remember each image, you can write the list of images on the whiteboard, so that they have the list of words in front of them.



2. dolphin, 4. cow, 6. treasure, 8. chair, 9. witch, 11. ring, 12. jelly


1. sixty, 3. paw, 4. charm, 5. earth, 7. splash, 9. wool, 10. coin

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