Christmas Resources – Collection of Three

Enjoy some of our most popular Christmas themed phonics activities. Happy Holidays from Get Reading Right!

Santa’s Little Helper

  • Download and print the Santa’s Little Helper Template
  • Each pair of Christmas decorations contains a word spelled two different ways, one correct and one incorrect – both phonetically decodable
  • Have the child read the pair and choose which word is spelled correctly
  • Create a path for Santa’s Little Helper to the right gifts, by only colouring in the Christmas decorations that have the correctly spelled word

NOTE: We have included a blank page of Christmas decorations for differentiation. Use simpler word patterns to make the activity easier, and more advanced word patterns to make the activity more difficult.

Phoneme Christmas Tree

  • Download and print the Phoneme Christmas Tree Template
  • Have the child work from the top of the Christmas tree to the bottom, filling in the blank baubles with graphemes to create decodable words
  • An example of the finished product can be seen here

NOTE:If your child needs more instruction, download this Example Phoneme Christmas Tree Template with the first three baubles filled in as an example. Use only one unit of phonemes to make the exercise simpler, or use all six units from The Basic Code to make the activity harder.

Pass the Christmas Present

NOTE: Camera words work well too.

  • Gift wrap a Christmas story book in a layer of newspaper and tape it shut. Repeatedly wrap the present in layers of newspaper, adding a word gift tag in between each of the layers
  • Have the children sit in a circle, playing Christmas music and handing the present clockwise around the circle. Stop the the music intermittently. Whoever is holding the present must unwrap one layer and read the word gift tag
  • Continue on in the same manner until all of the layers have been unwrapped. It is best to try to have as many layers as there are children so that each child gets a turn at reading a word
  • When the present is finally unwrapped, reward their hard work by reading them the Christmas book

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