Camera Word Shark Rotation Activity

Are your phonics rotations feeling a little dated? Never fear… We have yet another free resource for you to introduce to your students!

Set Up:

  • You will need a one minute sand timer.
  • Print Camera Word Shark Template
  • Cut out shark and laminate, cutting out around the teeth carefully
  • Use the blunt side of a knife to score the fold line on the shark
  • Cut out each individual camera word fish, laminate and place in a bowl (or pile, if a bowl is not on hand)

NOTE: Print the template on coloured paper to make it a little more exciting.

Rotation Instructions

  • Set the standing shark up on the floor with the bowl of camera word fish in front of it
  • Have the children sit around the standing shark
  • Each child will take a turn at turning the sand timer over and trying to read as many camera word fish as possible in one minute
  • Camera word fish read correctly get fed to the shark
  • Camera word fish read incorrectly must be held onto
  • Once every child has had a turn, if there is time, have the children repeat the activity reading the camera word fish that they are still holding

After all that laminating you will want to keep this resource for a while. We recommend storing any games, resources or activities in plastic storage tubs, ready to use again and again.

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