Camera Word Mints

Try this funky resource that will take you less than five steps to make.

Simply print, laminate and cut out!

Do you have a million and one mint tins lying around? I bet if you took a good look at the bottom of your handbag, through the car glovebox, and through all those desk drawers there would be a fair few.

Here’s an idea to create a fabulous phonics resource using those cute little tins. It’ll make sending camera words home a whole lot more fun!

Trust us… It’s ‘mint’…


  • Print Camera Word Mints Template
  • Photocopy one set per child
  • Cut out individually and laminate
  • Place the desired unit of camera words in the tin

Yep, it’s as easy as that!

NOTE: Print or photocopy some mints on various shades of paper to mix things up a bit.

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